Fervent Wishes Co.

  • An international pro-democracy coalition
  • Internet consultants who are no longer content to sit on the sidelines
  • Determined to become Vladimir Putin's worst nightmare
  • Steadfast allies of all who stand in the way of freedom and democracy

Our most fervent wishes are:

  • To prevent and reverse the worldwide spread of autocracy
  • To educate citizens of the world about democracy, reverse brainwashing and state programming
  • To support journalists everywhere and build a worldwide free press alliance
  • To give a voice to the voiceless and downtrodden
  • To defend the people of Ukraine and ensure their victory
  • To topple Putin's evil empire, once and for all


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s bold leadership has motivated volunteers from all over the world to travel to Ukraine to help defend democracy from Russian brutality. Bless them all. This brave sacrifice for the Ukrainian people will be remembered long after Putin’s evil empire has crumbled into dust.

But not everyone is capable of volunteering in a war. This leaves us feeling helpless as we watch Ukraine get slowly obliterated by a madman. A madman whose army and people are either too brainwashed or too afraid to stand up to him.

How can we help from 5,000 miles away? The answer: Turn Putin’s propaganda tactics back against him.

Vladimir Putin has committed grievous sins under the guise of protecting Russian citizens:

  • He has ruthlessly slaughtered innocent men, women and children
  • He has intentionally bombed hospitals and humanitarian corridors
  • He has tampered in American elections without any meaningful response from us

Vladimir Putin is NOT an elected President. Stop honoring him with that title.

Vladimir Putin is NOT someone who can be reasoned with.

Vladimir Putin is:

  • a ruthless dictator
  • a despicable human being
  • a malignant narcissist
  • a murderer
  • a thug
  • a mob boss

Vladimir Putin must suffer a defeat so overwhelming and humiliating that he tucks his tail and runs like a dog into whatever hole he has left to hide in.

Will you help us ensure this happens?

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